Do you find that it is difficult to lower your body into a chair – and even more difficult to stand up again? If so, there is a solution for you.

Sometimes old age, disability or illness can limit your mobility and make daily tasks like sitting in a chair very painful and difficult. Fortunately, there are a few different types of seats including High Seat Chairs that can help you to sit normally and with less pain.

Chairs are important and we use them all throughout the day – when we are working, dining, reading, socialising or watching television. The chairs that you choose for your home will be used multiple times every day – so it is worth making sure that they are comfortable.

If you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, a bad back, a knee injury, osteoarthritis or other illnesses that limit your mobility – you can find it very beneficial to use a high seated chair. These types of chairs are designed to be easier to get in and out of so that you can sit more comfortably.

How High Seat Chairs Help the Elderly

Elderly people can have a lot of problems getting up from their seat, but a high seat chair is designed to be higher than the average chair. Elderly people will sometimes sit down in a chair and not be able to stand up easily, which can be very painful and awkward for them. If you suffer from this problem, you might consider changing the chairs in your house.

When the seat of a chair is higher than usual, you don’t have to lower your body as far down in order to sit on it. You can simply bend your knees a small amount instead, which is a lot easier on the joints. When it comes to getting up you are already closer to a standing position so the strain on your body is not nearly as great.

Many elderly people want to stay independent for as long as possible and want to be able to move around by themselves in their home. A chair that is too low might be too difficult to get out of without assistance, but a high seated chair will allow you to stay independent.

Beneficial for Those With Knee Problems

Knee injuries can limit your mobility and cause you a lot of pain. If you suffer from a knee injury you know what a problem it can be and how much pain can be caused when getting in and out of a chair. You don’t realise what an important joint your knees are until something happens to them!

Sitting in a high seated chair will allow you to easily get up and remain active, instead of being stuck in your seat. This will help your knee injury to heal faster and it will prevent you from accidently re-injuring it.

Also Helpful for Back Problems

Having back problems can also be a serious issue that limits your mobility. If you have a seat that is very low it can be almost impossible to get out of your chair on your own when you have a back problem. Also, in the strain to stand up from a low seated chair you will have the risk of re-injuring yourself, causing you to be immobilized with back pain for even longer.

High seated chairs can be a lifesaver for those with back problems and can make the simple act of sitting down so much easier and more comfortable.

Tips for Choosing High Seated Chairs

If you are elderly, have a serious injury or have mobility issues, you should consider what type of chairs you want to have in your home. If the chairs you currently have are difficult to get in and out of and cause you pain and discomfort – why not change them for something new? High seated chairs are a great solution and can be much more comfortable.


When you are choosing high backed chairs, here are a few important pointers to consider:


With the right high seat chair you will be able to sit comfortably and relax in your own home, even if you suffer from mobility issues or injuries. To find out more about the High Seat Chairs we have to offer, you can feel free to contact us at any time.